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What We Do


Joel (14 years old)

“My name is Joel Brown and on August 13th we visited the Microsoft store in White Plains with our IlluminXation group. The store was holding a coding event. The coding event taught us how to code a robot called Ohbot.

In the first session (August 13th) we learned about what coding is and how to use it. We also learned about debugging a code (which is finding the errors in the code and fixing it. In the second session on August 14th we used what we learned from the previous session to make Ohbot talk and move! We were able to make a full blown conversation using one robot by changing the voice the robot produced. Ohbot was able to turn its head in different directions. In the end results were pretty impressive and the conversation my group made was hilarious. I learned that; 1) coding is a lot of work, and 2) when we work together as a team with the same goal in mind we can accomplish great things”