3936 Bronxwood Avenue
Bronx, New York 10466

What We Do

Our Instructors

  • Jacqueline Blake
  • Nixie Brown-Fraser
  • Kinzee Ellis
  • Aneika Fermin
  • Anwar Ghazal
  • Jamal Grignon
  • Dr. Nadine S. James
  • Eryk Kai
  • Steve Kuo
  • Clover McDonald
  • Delores Piper
  • Dr. Janice Simpson

IlluminXation intend to use its' people objective, individualized attentionexcellent education, at a reduced cost by partnering with the Private sector, the US Local, State, and Federal government to ensure children in low-income, high need regions receive exposure to quality Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math (STEAM) education. IlluminXation takes advantage of available training programs for their grades K - 12 teachers in order to introduce their students to real world STEAM applications.

This starts as a partnership with low-income inner city school within proximity to IlluminXation's site, while partnering with colleges and organization to create a diverse workforce, particularly in healthcare. These students are attracted, mentored, trained, and equipped in the STEAM fields to eventually become healthcare professionals after completing their college and / or graduate education.

Long term investments in STEAM are crucial to spurring the economic growth of the U.S in the 21st century in terms of its wealth and welfare.