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Jaeson (8 years old)

“Jaeson’s trip to Museum of Mathematics on August 10th, 2018

Hoop Curves: This is one of my favorite things to do and places to go. It can help in schoolwork because it helps with your angle, height, and other stuff so that you can make the ball straight into the hoop.

Math Squares: The game might be hard but there are some rules to do in the game! You can’t touch the black and white. If you touch it, you lose the game. So, you better run! Here is my last thing to tell you: if you stay still on the color that you’re standing on, the color won’t change.

Motion Scape: This game might be the hardest game but there is some stuff that you need to do. Move forward to go up, go backwards to go down and also stay in the middle to go straight how you started off. You keep going even if you miss or even if you don’t go through the two squares.

The Cars: These cars don’t race but there is a reason why I’m reading this to you. The cars only move forward. Now, let me tell you my reasons why I chose this to share with you guys. If you play this game it may or may not get you interested in driving and becoming a NASCAR racer. Then, you don’t need to say that it’s boring and not be focused when you’re driving and maybe crash. Then you’ll never ever get a driver’s license.

That’s it my friends. Until next time, this story is finished. Goodbye!”